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Correctly guarantee product quality  Professional plastic profile manufacturer
We can produce various types of materials with customized materials according to customer requirements

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Various commonly used specifications can also be customized according to customer drawings or samples

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Tongxiang Guangsheng Plastics Co., Ltd

Tongxiang Guangsheng Plastics Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, the company is located in Zhejiang, China Zhouquan Industrial Park, Tongxiang City, Jiang Province; our company is a professional plastic profile producer Production enterprises, the company implements scientific management...

Is it difficult to choose the right profile manufacturer?

Customer-centric, quality-centric


01High stability

Various types of materials are produced according to customer needs.

02Good quality

Strict quality control system

03High shock resistance

Special process treatment, adapt to high harsh environment

04Strong power, low temperature

Use high-quality wires, and the surface temperature is at least 20%-50% lower than the same specifications in the industry

05Industry leader

A professional plastic profile manufacturer with strong technical force and advanced production equipment

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